What They're Saying

Our project was daunting. We spent a year working with an architectural firm. The site is difficult. In addition to slopes and bedrock the house is built on two sides of a stream with the living room as a bridge over the stream. We had been through other renovations but nothing this huge. Adam's ability to take our ideas, the architect's plans, the engineer's requirements, the village building department's concerns, the neighbor's worries about the stream and the land, the schedule and the budget and meet deadlines exceeded our expectations. At one point a neighbor counted 40 trucks belonging to Adam and his subcontractors around our site. What is remarkable is that no one ever seemed to be in anyone's way. It was like the stage of the Metropolitan Opera with a hundred players in one concerted effort. On site Billy and George proved themselves on a daily basis solving problems and foreseeing them. What if there is a big rain? Should that drain pipe be longer? It happened dozens of times a day. The pride in their work is evident in the results. That pride is part of the fabric that makes up not only Adam's company but that of his subcontractors and suppliers.

Barbara & Joe